Safety Convex Mirrors​

Barrier Group’s range of safety convex mirrors are designed to allow you to see what’s coming around the corner.

Our safety convex mirrors suit a variety of applications, including road and pedestrian traffic situations, distribution centres, and public or workplace parking areas. Our mirrors can be installed in retail stores for surveillance, driveways and entrances for vehicle and pedestrian awareness, and on building exteriors to help people see around blind corners.

Our range of safety mirrors

Outdoor Safety Convex Mirrors

Suitable for road and pedestrian traffic applications, distribution depots and parking areas. Unbreakable polycarbonate face with...

Indoor Safety Mirrors

These unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors come complete with both wall mount brackets and post mount brackets to suit a 60mm diamet...

Hi-Vis Round Safety Mirror

Tough shatter proof polycarbonate mirror lens with durable moulded fibreglass backing. The outer rim of the lens which is moulded...

Hi-Vis Roundtangular Safety Mirror

The Hi-vis Roundtangular mirror has all the same structural features as the round model. The elongated shape allows a wider field...

Stainless Steel Safety Mirror

Stainless steel offers the ultimate in long term weather and impact resistance for convex mirrors. They are particularly suited t...

Dome Safety Mirror

An economical, lightweight alternative where general surveillance of a broad area is required. Full domes may be suspended on cha...

Small Machine Mirrors

Available in two handy sizes 160mm and 220mm in diameter, these small and durable mirrors are ideal for mounting to machinery or ...

Telescopic Mounting Arm

There often situations where wall mount mirrors need an extended stand-off mount to clear obstacles or see around doorways or cor...

Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Ideal for inspection below and above vehicles entering security areas. This light weight inspection mirror comes complete wit...

Why should you install a convex mirror?​

Simply put, a safety convex mirror allows people to see around blind corners, improving their visibility in public and workplace environments. This minimises the risk of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles and can improve overall safety.

In our experience, such mirrors are frequently used to see around blind spots from a vehicle perspective, or in warehouse or retail environments to provide better visibility and generally improved building security.​

What to consider when choosing a convex mirror?​

When choosing a convex safety mirror, it is important to select the right mirror for your situation and facility.​

The main features to consider are the size and curvature of the mirror, as this affects how objects are reflected. In public guidance, VicRoads, one of the major Australian road safety authorities, considers that for on-road usage, mirrors of 600mm, 800m, and 1000mm are commonly used. Smaller mirrors may be appropriate for indoor usage. ​

Barrier Group offers one of the largest ranges of mirrors in Australia, and can work closely with you to identify something that works for your particular installation. Our range includes full domed mirrors, quarter mirrors, indoor and outdoor mirrors suitable for use in all weather conditions.​

How to install a convex safety mirror​

Convex mirrors should generally be securely mounted to a wall, pole or other high-point to ensure they can be seen and fulfill their role. ​

Typically, a convex mirror is installed at a place that provides an optimal view of the road (and any oncoming vehicles) or the site. When installing the mirror, it may be necessary to also test visibility from a variety of potential eye heights.​

Barrier Group’s safety convex mirrors that are suitable for outdoor use also come fitted with a visor to ensure that dust does not accumulate on the surface of the mirror. Most of our mirrors come with the required wall mount brackets and fixings.​

Why buy from Barrier Group?​

Barrier Group is Australia’s leading safety and pedestrian control supplier. We work closely with some of the largest business and government organisations across Australia.​​

Our convex mirrors fit a wide range of situations and come backed by Barrier Group’s reputation for quality products and reliable service. We are one of the only safety suppliers who can provide you with a full design to installation service across Australia.​​

Our products are tested and compliant with all relevant Australian standards, and can be supplied across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and other major capital cities.​

Make your workplace or facility safer. Explore our wide full range of easily installed convex mirrors today.


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